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La Belle Fencing Club in Midland, Texas

La Belle Fencing Club in Midland

Contact:  Matt Vann
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 9357, Midland, TX  79708
Phone: (432) 682-8266
Location:  Martin Luther King Community Center, 2300 Butternut Lane, Midland, TX
Email:  mvann [at] apex2000 [dot] net  (make appropriate changes)

La Belle Fencing Club is open to anyone interested in the sport.  All of the funds collected pay for operating expenses and equipment.  All coaches and staff are volunteers, no one is paid for their time.

If you have no experience in fencing, the best way to get started is to take our six-week beginner's class.  You can sign up for it through the Midland College Continuing Education program.  The cost is $100 and includes the use of club equipment and three months membership.

Click here for the Midland College Continuing Education Catalog

If you can't wait for the class to come around, you can start fencing on a walk-in basis where you will be given instruction for a specific skill each time you attend practice until you have learned all of the skills taught in the beginner's class.  The cost is the same as taking a class ($100), and includes the use of club equipment and three months membership.

After you've taken the class, or if you learned to fence somewhere else, membership costs $100 per year and is payable quarterly.  If you join the USFA, you will receive six months free club membership.

Please note that USFA memberships expire on July 31 each year.  They will not pro-rate fees, so keep this in mind before taking advantage of the club discount!  


La Belle Fencing Club was originally founded in 1982 and exists to promote fencing for all levels of this modern sport.  From beginners to competitive fencers, from casual to serious, we're here to cross blades and have some fun.

Coaches and other staff members are all unpaid volunteers.  All of the funds generated through memberships are used for equipment and operating expenses.

We are a member of the United States Fencing Association and we're located in the Plains, Texas division of the Rocky Mountain Section.

Stop by and visit us!

This is the official website of the Plains Texas Division of USA Fencing.